Monday, January 20, 2014

The Beast: A Letter to Mr. Murphy

422 Main Street

Alberton, PE C0B 1B0

17 December 2013

Mr. Charles Murphy

Westisle Composite High School

39570 Western Road

Rosebank, PE C0B 1K0

Dear Mr. Murphy:

I am a representative of the student rebels of Westisle, the rebels who wage war against the Beast. I write to you panic stricken. A horrific beast roams the halls of this school between classes, consuming those that gaze upon it. The student council has remained silent over the issue of the creature, that it might spare them, but I believe that the only solution isto take a stand against the Beast's treachery. I, the leader of this rebellion, have failed, and ask that you would stand in my place.

Mr. Murphy, you must take a stand. As the leader of the rebellion, I ask that you would do battle with this beast, and I suggest that you go to a certain Brian Gard to form an alliance with him, as he is familiar and skilled in the art of murdering animals. My skills have failed against this beast, and I fear for the school. You will not hear from me again. The Beast knows that I am writing to you and I will pay with my life. If you and Mr. Gard do not stand, the rebels will fall into chaos. Lead and protect them for my sake if for no other reason.

Go. Find Mr. Gard,beg if you must, that he assist you in your quest. Should you perish, Westisle shall follow you in a steady downhill fashion. You will know when you've reached the monster's lair when you smell the stench of burnt crayons and bleach. Your greatest weapon appears to be a tank missile. Godspeed.


Sam Cameron
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