Friday, January 3, 2014

This is my poem

Whats good. I just saw your faces. It was christmas. This is my poem.

But seriously! I'm sorry all I could do was cry.! I had nothing good to say. But it was way sweet to see your sobbing faces too! I'm super happy about the skirts and ties! They are just the coolest!!!!

Christmas here was absolutely great! about 55 people called us to wish us merry christmas even if they were thai and didn't celebrate it. I enjoyed it thouroughly! We had lunch at a members. THey fed us honey roasted ham. It was a stinking dream. They gave us a christmas present of aall these american foods. We were in heaven. Peanut butter. Jelly. Popcorn. Granola bars. Pringles. Top ramen.... just a ton of things..... So sweet. then we went shopping at central. I got a sweet pair of new shoes for a hundred and something baht. So like 5 dollars.....They are freaking adorable..... I'll have to take a picture one day. i'm like debating if I want to save them for my wedding that will never happen or just buy another pair............ Still haven't decided. But then for dinner we ate at another members house some chicken stuffed with stuffing. So delicious. THey also gave us a few gifts. They are just the sweetest!

MY AREA! I've been here for two weeks now. Definitely the happiest i've been since my mission started. My companion Sister Ellis is honestly so sweet. We are working hard and seeing Miracles. My companion is from Boise Idaho. She doesn't live on a farm. She worked in a bakery. She has a boyfriend waiting for her and it's so stinking cute. They are 23 and were going to get married but she just had a huge gut wrenching feeling she needed to go on a mission. He has been way supportive and it's just the cutest.... She is in love but not distracted whatsoever. She is a stud. I'm finishing her training and she had a rough time with her old companion. We get along probably the best out of all my companions to be honest. We are just both very fun people that just like to work with no drama. I don't see any flaws in her. She is honestly the greatest. WE laugh and have lots of fun working together..... She does struggle in the language though. I'm trying to help her through that. But it's good that about 40 percent of our work is in english. Because she is a scriptorian. Way good with the scriptures. I'm way excited to be her companion to get some secular knowledge from her. She went to Jeruselam BYU on a study abroad and just has a founding love for the bible and it's made me totally motivated to go to Jeruselam too.... If I'm rich when I get home I totes might do it. There is no price for knowledge. She is way cool though. I'm really excited to be here In Pak kret with her.

Pak Kret is the COOLEST. I have the best area. It's fairly freaking large area. 35 minute bike ride to our apartment from our church.... In our Pak kret branch whcih is the Thai branch we have 6 missionaries. Us and 4 Elders and then in our Changwattana Branch with is the international branch it's just me and Sister Ellis. It's way good. We have a lot of Africans that we teach. 3 out of our 4 daters are in the international branch. It's pretty dang sweet I won't lie..... Black People are honestly the coolest. I won't lie. They are born with natural abilities...... It's the cooliest.... Our international ward pretty much all the white people are in this goverment community because they work for the US Embassy. There area is called Nichida. Rich community with Maids that are phillipino or thai. It's pretty funny. Whenever we go over for dinner they actually don't cook. Their maids do.... But some of the maids are in our ward. The phillipinas are the cutest. They live right outside of the nice community in small little shacks and they are just the humblest people. I always talked about grandma and grandpa petersen and they always are like, where did they go? So If I could find that out it would be great. One of our investigators is phillipina. I just love my area so much...

Yesterday in our international branch Sister Ellis and I gave talks AND taught primary. It's crazy to see how much this branch utilized there missionaries.... Besides the 6 hours of church. Sundays are the coolest.....

We definitely see a lot of miracles from being obedient. I'm just missing Asean food is all. But my digestive tract is pretty normal here. So I guess that is good.....

Somehting funny about my area is Sister Carter, my trainer, trained sister Sahagun here in pak kret. Then sister Carter moved to udon and trained me. Then sister Sahaagun stayed here and Trained Sister Tilley. Then Sister Sahagun moved to udon with me aand we both trained there and then me and sister Tilley just swapped places.... So this area and udon have been in my training family. Sister carters last area was Chang Mai so we all joke that we will meet up in Chang Mai after this haha. I love it.

Last week on Christmas day I finished the book of Mormon again. It was a happy day. Good feelings. Now I'm reading it in thai. Some phrases in Thai kill and crack me up.... Oh jeez. It's just cavemen is all.

I'm so happy everyone had an awesome christmas. I will be honest. I'm pretty sure Asian skirts have never been worn with boots. So congrats on being original:) Haha. Love you all. You're all great! This morning in my personal study I was studying in Moses chapter one. I honestly don't think I've ever read it. It reminded me of the cartoon Hercules when I was reading it though. So if you want to have fun reading. Read that chapter with Hercules in mind.... But anyways...I thought it was so legit that after God and Moses were speaking face to face, Moses falls to the ground for several hours and realized how much power God had and how much man had nothing. He recognized that mans strength ONLY comes from God. And it was totes cool feeling the same in my life how I've seen that only God has power over my life and man has no power. I've been grateful to take this gift into my life and to really give God all my credit. After that happens to Moses Satan comes and tries to tempt him and Moses is like, really dude? You are an idiot. I just had God come and now you little ninny are trying to take that away from me. Then he just tells him to get out of his life. I know that if we make God our anchor temptations will be alot easier to stay away from. SO COOL.

That's all I got. I'm loving life right now..... I'm eating meat. Not sketchy meat. Sorry erika you were barfing and hershey squirting it over in colorado. Next time I do that, I will think of you. WHY ARE KIDS SO ADORABLE. Connor told me I was blessed. Even though he said I'm the best. Which both are freaking true. I'm going to take a nap now. I can't believe I'm almost half way done with my mission. I'm always like. I'm a new missionary, i can't do this yet. When it's pretty much a lie...... Oh well. I'm way excited to see this area BOOM. Pray for us!


goodbyes in udon. Way rough....

our swapping of companions.... yes me and sister her are matching

Sister Hughes my mtc comp. is training too. I was so excited. We both took pictures with our children.

my second born child

my coagulated blood incident. It was so gross.. never will i eat that again

my girls sister Du plessis and Sister Stack. Miss them terribly

my companion and I rode a "Klong Monster." Which is a boat that rides on the sewer....It was fun till it splashed...

This was at the christmas party for bangkok mission....

just some fun...pb&j sandwiches

just some fun

tried to baptize a turtle

goodbyes continued

first born child (yes....after transfers i just put on a helmet to go home haha)

dad and connor
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