Wednesday, January 22, 2014

this season in television.

ARCHER is back.

I was hoping for oh so much more from this cult classic of a spy spoof cartoon. I can't help but be upset at the ultra long wait for such a small delivery but remain slightly hopeful for the next week's episode.

UNDER THE GUNN premiered.

I actually had lower expectations for this show but was pleasantly surprised! It's a bit like 'the Voice' but without the designer

s being blind to the audition process. The 3 fan faves, Anya, Nick, & Mondo compete against each other by compiling teams of handpicked designers that must audition and be cut within the first two weeks. The first challenge gives the designers only six hours to make a whole look that represents themselves without even going to Mood! They are simply given a bag o' random fabrics. Drama! It's good drama, and fun to watch the scissors and needles fly. I also love the three judges and Tim is just charming.


You may or may not know that my two favorite channels are ID (investigation discovery) & Cartoon Network. Ice Cold Killers is a tv show that documents and sensationalizes past dramatic slayings in the mysterious and frigid lands of Alaska. I'm not talking about death by polar bear. I'm talking about serial killers & such. It's pretty eerie and good guilty watching for a chilly winter afternoon in bed with a hot cup of tea.


While 'Who the Bleep Did I Marry?' has got to be my favorite ID show ever, DLS is a close second. It's great because I really can't guess what's going to happen! There is so much suspense & plot twists that are just stranger than fiction...a man with three wives that he paid his friend to knock off, a man who sold answers to army tests to get officers to rank higher, a woman that secretly seduced her best friend's 13 year old son...such dirt! Such filth! Trash television at its finest.


The New Year's episode really left off with a cliffhanger with Mordecai & CJ's passionate kiss so I was super happy not to have to wait too long for the mystery of their delicate relationship to reveal itself to me. I was really not super keen on them just being friends because I like the romance, but it is clear that they still have chemistry and unresolved issues to be worked out. I'm looking forward to seeing more of her though because she adds drama to the show & I'm curious if Margaret and her will come to fight over Mordecai before the season is out...


I really do think this cartoon (Disney) is super adorable and worth checking out. I believe it is on Netflix but it is also available on demand. I love that TJ Miller plays the goth jerky bully in the series & that the late John Ritter's son plays Dipper (the other half of twin siblings). It's a show about Dipper and his goofy sister Mabel (well-known for her kooky sweaters and offbeat sense of humor, and this season, her 'soul mate' pet pig) get wrapped up in the mysterious mythological creatures and monsters that come out of the woods. Strange things just seem to happen. Dipper is also smitten with babysitter and coworker Wendy (above) and all the staff falls under the tyranny of grumpy 'Gruncle Stan' the kids' grand uncle who is just always looking for ways to swindle tourists out of money and look good in a fez.

SPACE DANDY premiered.

I was a big fan of 'Cowboy Bebop' back in the day so I thought it was real swell to see some of that good good animation style back on Toonami. I have to say, it wasn't amazing but it's just the start and it seems to have a lot of potential. I like the robot and the annoying cat guy a lot. I can't help but feel like he's a mix of Fry (the stupidity and bottomless pit of stomach and out-of-his-element-in-space) and Johnny Bravo mixed up with a bit of irony and poking fun at the anime genre as a whole (with fan service and quests for ramen). I will keep watching and wait for a good romance to hopefully emerge.

RICK & MORTY is hilarious & I love it.

From some guys that were in 'community' which I never watched comes this great silly little cartoon for adults that is about a maladapted puberty-stricken boy, his awkward parents, and most importantly, his mad scientist/genius of a grandfather that takes him out of school for experiments and quests reliably wildly amusing and bizarre in each episode. I'm a big fan & so is my bf.

I've just started watching @midnight recently and it is quite funny. It is a modern game show that weaves twitter & improv with pseudo news & nerdy goodness. Hosted by Chris Hardwick and featuring a revolving panel of 3 comedians that compete head to head to come up with funny.

recently accepted that PAWN STARS is watchable in a pinch.

not much else I would like to add to this show. It's embarrassing but slightly addicted after a few drinks and a box of oreos shared with a friend or two. I don't think I could watch it alone. It's too fun to ridicule the people on the show with others.

STYLED TO ROCK ended with a slightly disappointing bang. Initially I was really excited for this show (okay, Pharrell being gorgeous and ageless and on my big screen tv). I couldn't help but look forward to it much more than PR All Stars (especially once my darling Victor went home) because the designers really were fresh and more talented than I expected/ There also were more relevant big name guests like Miley Cyrus. I just wanted the badass latex woman to win! Was that so wrong? I did the above puppy dog face at the finale.

Last but not least,

I confess that I'm addicted to THE REAL WORLD EXPLOSION. Yes, it's trite, obscene, tragic, and has hot mess written all over it but there is so much showmance and I can't get enough of that showmance good stuff. I also enjoy the drunken stupidity because it makes me feel slightly more mature & on top of my game.

Also, (because I need another excuse) I'm a West Coast girl now so West Syyyyyde representttt. It's kind of like the new Jersey Shore cast-wise but they are a wee bit crazier and come from richer families (or two of them do at least). So much drama. So much 'reality.'

What are you watching??

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