Monday, January 6, 2014

Unleashing the Beastz! The next Evolutionary Step

IRON MAIDEN 'THE NUMBER OF THE BEAST' - a defining Influence on Beastiez's aesthetic style

Hey Guys!

After the very positive reception that Beastiez received on its first announcement,I thought it was about time to offer an update to any possible readers out there, and to keep you all informed regarding how the creative process on the book is going. Before I begin, you'll have to understand that I'm trying to keep specific details and content to a minimum at the moment (there will be bigger- better announcements coming soon I promise!) so I apologise in advance if there is nothing 'juicy' just yet to get a taste of.

Since out last post, the series has came a long way. Between the two of us (myself and Micheal) we have managed to create an entire roster of Beasts; both Heroes, Villains and those awkward souls stuck in between. As a writer who has never really written with an co-creator before, it has been an intensely rewardingexperience; one which has helped develop the book beyond what was originally expected.Having another brain just as chemcially inbalanced as myself has allowed me to look at stories from different angles and analyse characters differently from how I would had it been my own creation.We've had fun letting our strange, twisted imaginations go wild with some of the ideas and concepts, from creating slavering Rottweiler-soldier arch villains, to Russian Bunny Anti-heroes and that's all without mentioning a psychotic Goldfish villain complete with snorkel and harpoon gun!

In terms of character, both ourheroic and villainous Beastiez are starting to come into their own. Although many started as simple cliches and stereotypes based upon the majority of mainstream fiction, it issomething of an innate desire of mine to really push my characters past being such tropes. To counter this, we looked to give them something extra that makes for a more fully formed character. Because of this, many of our protagonists have started to develop complex, at times shocking, but always natural story points for later development in the series- and this is all without even mentioning the villains!

STREET SHARKS- Probably the closest thing Saturday Morning TV got to the Beastiez concept!

Along with the development of our character's, the story bible has also started to grow and develop. Instead of the original 2 Main Story Arcs, we are now looking at expanding the burgeoning mythos of this darkly violent action series into another 4 stories, each of which are supported and linked by smaller stories that focus much more on the character aspects of our heroes and villains.

Our First story arc entitled: 'CALL OF THE WILD' looks to set up many of the 'rules' of this story world as well as introduce readers to each of our characters in an engaging and entertaining way. So far, I have currently written the cold open to the first issue; in which two Animal Control Officers are following up a report on a stray dog being seen in downtown KINGDOM CITY. I think you can see where this is going, right? We are also at work on what has now become quite popular in the comic industry as a '#0 issue' that acts as a prequel designed to engage and interest an audience. There will also be an FACEBOOK and TWITTER account for the series, offering further updates- all of which will be linked to this specific blog!

Before I finish, I'd like to also announce that we have also acquired an artist to do some concept art for us to promote and advertise the series.we are looking to tie her down to do some work for us over the coming weeksand although she comes from a different background to traditional comic art, I have a feeling her unique, experimental style may allow this comic to leap of the shelves and into the hands of many new readers and fans.

I'd like to take this time to thank everybody for the incredibly positive support and would love to hear from people interested in the project: whether it's just to ask questions to the creator's on the project, inquire about any opportunities to showcase their art or work in further collaboration or to offer any advice or ideas on how we could break this concept into the industry and create the hype that this monster deserves!

Hold onto your hats and get ready to chase that bastard right down the rabbit-hole, 'cos the BEASTIEZ revolution is soon to begin!

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