Friday, January 10, 2014

Updates: Keyblade project, DN one-shot manga and Tales project

Hi all! I mentioned before that I was working on my Keyblade and yes, it is finally and kinda done!

With the chain placed, the Keyblade is done though it still requires some touch-up at the end. Due to my yellow paint had ran out, I need to buy a new one to finish up the touch-up before it is finally really done! This project is the first successful anime weapon I made but not the first weapon I made; rather the third one in line of my weaponry. Still, the first weapon I made, a black sword, is still my favourite out of all with this Keyblade being the second! I'm thinking of making another sword; a two-handed broadsword to be exact! However, due to the lack of materials, I may have to hold it back for a while...

Moving on, recently I've started playing a MMORPG game called Dragon Nest. It is a 3D type of game with a total of 6 jobs currently. After playing a while, I am addicted to it. The gameplay is great with nice graphic and monster designs. The music used isn't bad too. However, what really attracted me to the game is not the gameplay or the music, rather it is the story! Unlike Maplestory(in the earlier version...), Dragon Nest has a story that make the player as if he/she is the main character while he/she does jobs, helping the NPCs and unveiling the darkness lurking in the game! As the game name said, the bosses of the bosses are the dragons. I've not reached the stage to be able to go to a Dragon Nest but I can imagine it is not a boss I can solo on... Maybe it is my personality or something, just like Kirito in SAO, I am a lone player; going to dungeons alone to complete quests, even it means I've to go to abyss mode...Alone...

Just this week, I just finished chapter 5 of the main quests(still a long way to go...) and...


When I saw Geraint died, being stabbed by the beast and then it was revealed to be a plot by that fake bishop, I can't help but feel sad though I've long known about this; Still, the feel there is just... Too sad... In memories of that scene, I made a 4 pages long one-shot manga on the guilt I or rather my character has and how he move on from it...

Here are the drafts and as said, they are drafts so I used H pencil to draw them thus they are kinda light... I'll upload the completed ones by the next week, both in this blog and deviantart!

Page 1

Page 2

Page 3

Page 4

This 4 pages long manga drafts took me the whole afternoon and night to finish them since there were researches to be made on some parts of the manga itself... This manga was quite an accomplishment for me. First, I managed to draw a Geraint's sword in which the design is quite complicated but great and match Geraint well! Next, I was able to draw Geraint without much of a problem and lastly, this is greatest achievement; I actually drawn all current classes' characters! It was an experience and man, it is hard to find a good image of Kali in her oufit...(I got to base a little of my imagination to draw her...)

From Left to Right: Cleric, Academic, Archer, Warrior, Assassin(Newest Job), Kali and Sorceress

With the drafts done, the next part is kinda the most important and also the second hardest!-That is the the inking part of the manga! This part determines whether all the hard work I did in my drafts would pay off or not! If I made any small mistakes of inking or rather outlining the wrong parts, then it is over...(Though it depends on the mistakes since there are some that could be undone by correction fluid... Still, it is a bit ruined...) Also, in this stage of the manga, the most tedious job is in it and that is to erase all the pencil markings... Yes, it is simple but tiring... Sigh... After this stage, it will be the touch-ups of shading which is also tedious...

In addition, I'm thinking of making a cover for the manga with colours on but no promises... This manga should be done by next week! Look forward to it!

Last but not least, the Tales project! Not sure if I've mentioned this, I decided to continue this project that I started 2 years ago... This project is basically a collection of drawings done by yours truly of all Tales series' characters. Currently, I've only finished two series with the third series three quarters done! Considering that the drawings done will accumulated to a lot, I decided to upload each series' drawings monthly, on the last week of each month, both on the blog and deviantart! Again, look forward to it!

With that, it's time to end off with Dragon Nest music! This is the new BGM for Saint Haven! It is called Day of Destiny! Enjoy~

See ya in the next post! This is Will signing off!

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