Saturday, January 25, 2014

Want List #2

Oh another Want List, mainly because, yet again, I have been shopping and, yet again, I have not managed to save any money (come back tomorrow for more on that). So I thought I would share the new items that I added to my want list recently

Black Chelsea Block Heel Boots EUR24.99 New Look

These boots are just lovely...not really the time to be buying boots, with spring on the way but, I want them none the less. Having tried these on in the shop they look casual but could be dressed up and the heel height (much like the next pair) is perfect to be just right comfort-wise but still high enough to give you that extra lift.

Black Chunky Lace Up Healed Work Boots EUR22.49 New Look

Another pair of Dr. Martin-esque boots that I love...surprise, surprise. Anyway. As I said before, these boots are the perfect comfy height and just look great. This pair I think is harder to dress up but is still lovely all the same.

New Look Red Floral Print V Neck Tea Dress EUR19.99 New Look

This is a summer print floral dress that is going to appear in my wardrobe sometime soon...why can I never save money?! Well we all know that answer... but again this dress is lovely has, a tie at the back and is cheap. What more can a girl ask for?

Kate Spade Cat Phone Case $45 Kate Spade

This is the cutest thing in the world! I was just browsing phone cases and stumbled upon this little beauty...although I don't have an iPhone... yet...(*insert cheeky laugh*) but for all of you who do...I thought it would be a nice thing to mentionOkay I realize most of you are now sitting there like: What the's cute but...what the hell? Well bare with me for a moment and look at the next pictures...

Felt Monster iPhone case (or other case) EUR22.49-EUR36.12 EthnicStyle on Etsy

BOOM! See how cute is that?! This little phone case is handmade from felt and is available on Etsy... you can even choose your colours! Personally I love it.

Boyfriend Coat EUR19.99 Ebay

This coat is definitely on its way to me. I am in need of a new coat and apparently only Isabel Marant Pour H&M would do (featured in Want List #1)... but alas..I could not find it anywhere and so the search re-began. But not for long. I found this little beauty on Ebay and swiftly grabbed it before my trip to Barcelona. (Poppy is very excited)More from the depths of my Want List next week!

What are you wishing for?xx
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