Sunday, January 12, 2014

Winter Stream: Nobunagun First Impressions

This was certainly a good first episode to put it mildly! Nobunagun the story of Shio Ogura a high school girl who's a military Otaku, wakes up from a strange dream set during the warring states period, only to realize she's late for her class trip to Taiwan. Cue the clichgag of her running out of the house with toast in her mouth, but it's how this is executed in that it goes from the first person perspective dream sequence to Shio's room and points out little details by having arrows with titles point out everything from her collection of model tanks and military aircraft to her bed head and the white bread she's eating. It's an odd touch that give the show a stylistic look all its own along with the animation having an interesting use of color and shading to set tone and mood. I also like the fact that while Shio is kind of the "class oddity." Being more interested in ancient towers and doing her own thing. It's also nice to see popular girl Kaoru Aso take an interest in Shio wich this comes back to be the reason Shio can activate her E-Gene powers and fight the giant space monsters after the reincarnation of Jack The Ripper gets taken out by a horde of them. The action scenes are interestingly handled capturing the utter horror of being attacked out of nowhere with use of dark colors and a bright almost neon green that vaguely reminded me of the first angel battle in Evangelion, and that's the hook Shio is the reincarnation of Oda Nobunaga and to defend Aso she taps into her latent abilities thus creating the Nobunagun wich is impressive beyond all means in the utter ridiculous over the top "More Dakka" quality of it along with the other mystery involving the E-Gene holders and the organization that backs them this first episode has created a likeable odd heroine and a story that revels in its own over the top hot-blooded absurdity and I'm instantly invested and can't wait to see what happens when the next E-Gene holders those of Gandhi and Issac Newton make their appearance in episode two. I also have to say that Shiori Mutdoes a fine job as Shio capturing her emotions and moods well that makes her feel like a rounded if atypical female lead a good job for the first time Seiyuu as this being her first starring role was another thing that sold me on the series as well so nice to see she doesn't disappoint either
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