Monday, January 20, 2014

Winter Stream: World Conquest Zvezda Plot: Episode 2

Asuta still recovering from the after effects of Zevzda's battle with the SDF is abducted by Plamya and learns about the inner workings of Zvezda wich is really nothing more than a group of misfits, who make grand proclamations about conquering the world. While in reality spending most of the time doing nothing or watching old Yakuza dramas and trying to avoid Plamya's awful cooking. Wich is shown to be so bad that when Asuta eats it not only his entire life flashes before his eyes but all of time. IT's an odd take on a gag but humorous none the less while the giant monsters and the White Light an organization that seeks to defeat Zvezda and uphold good add some action to the otherwise food based humor that also plays on how worthless most of Zvezda is. While Asuta ends up siding with Zvezda for reasons he doesn't even really know why that gives some potential for growth. While overall the episode is mostly odd humor and playing with visuals from Tokusatsu Kaijin series the odd charm of the series still makes it watchable although I would like to find out the reasons behind why the rest of Zevezda serves Kate and the background behind not only that but White Light as well still I feel like a lot of promise is possible due to it simply being so off in its own world. While comparisons to Excel Saga my be unavoidable this is a series that so far is more interested in visuals and style than meta-humor, and Otaku in-jokes as was Excel Saga's bailiwick.
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