Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Zen and the tree

Zen made some food with her incredible smiling smile and we shared it in the flames of our need as I prepared myself for the long night to come.I called her a whore one time and she agreed then she said, don't say that again.I agreed to that. This was under the full moon glare over central city of the damned on a battlefield of deepest dark passing for more than I could be beside the riverof all good things gone never to return; somewhere lies a secret, but it is not in the night, and always perhaps to make it tomorrow, there again maybe it was she'd already made me and I didn't know it enough. She walked through my dreams and I hers; we made a promise that would bind us through many lifetimes; we understood nothing was real but this our true aspiration, we called it love for want of a better name, but somewhere a whisper mocked us with its bitter laugh.Our reflections kept pace in mirrors we made hung with pots of decisions on every ceiling where beams of light clouded our vision with visions we tried not to despair to. I had a recurring dream of beetles climbing over my body so I became a beetle to escape them and found myself crawling over Zen. She left me once and I cried for her back; she returned to my rain with a been song happenstance that I was still there to, confused; took my head in her arms until I swam in her soul; I cursed her for I was lazy, then we made love to forever as the candle's grease scorched our minds ripping through time; I was still counting her sparks in a place growing huge as the winds of change grew strange; together we tried to kill the monster that was dwarfing us in its multitude of being, but the fog that was so cold came to its rescue and we grew small again for in smallness lay our safety. And then one day she sat in another room and told me stories through the doorway's distance. So I write them down here with the rest of it as much as I can so they won't be lost. I sit on my own now, try to find a few pieces to glue together; nothing was wasted, it's all there somewhere, I just can't find them is all. Zen grew her wings again, found another country in another room, another city of despair in her tree at the bottom of the garden.I knew she was crazy but I didn't know she was gone(from the books of Moriarty)
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