Saturday, January 11, 2014

A Certain Ring to It

Here we are in 2014, and here I am, instantly making this post dated. Today's special is something new, mostly because the chef was put somewhat out of his element. Today I wrote a poem that rhymed. No, it wasn't a limerick, those are for fools who don't have a refined sense of humour, or a sense of humour so refined that they are only amused by limericks. Nay, this particular rhyming pattern popped right out of the terrifying region known as my imagination. I hope you enjoy it, and don't compare it to a limerick. It's not a limerick.

The Other Day

I met a monster

The other day

Who'd lived under my bed for years.

We'd both grown up

Well, he more than me

And he no longer delivered my fears.

As we got talking,

We soon realized

That we knew each other quite well.

He knew my hobbies,

And ways of passing the time

And my efforts to stay out of hell.

I only knew

What he'd driven me to,

In order to stay somewhat sane.

I had to grow up

Get into the world

And forget the monster's name.

And he said,

"You know, I never left

I've been with you all this time.

Sure, I've had to refresh

How to put a chill in your flesh

But it's really the same old chime.

It's simple, really

Anyone can do it

All you need to do is wait.

My job is quite easy

You do all the work

All I do is put out the bait.

Say things like, 'Are you sure'

'But what if', and

'Maybe you ought to wait.'"

I looked at him

Red fur, tail and all

Thinking of a response to his techniques.

"Well, Mr. Monster,"

I said, "you've got some good points,

But some of our fears are unique.

You must need

More than psychology

To make us cringe."

He said, "I specialize in youth,

And their fears are fairly basic.

Keep their friends, tolerate their family,

And keep them off the fringe."

I say, "Well that's not right,

Some of us quite

Enjoy being on the outer hinge.

It's more honest,

And I've made some great friends there."

And he frowned and said, "I'm aware."

That was actually a lot of fun, writing that. Slam-dunk your thoughts, arguments, or general rantings about this poem in comment form in the Facebook post, or right on this fine digital establishment, and if you like what you read, subscribe please! That kind of rhymed.
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