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Jennifer Lopez, born in 1969, is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful women in the world, even now

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Jennifer Lopez, born in 1969, is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful women in the world, even now when she is already 43 years old and in 2011 was selected even beautiful woman world according to the value of a magazine, icarly People magazine, "American. Lopez manages a diverse and successful career for over two decades and it manages icarly to successfully combine the different areas. L pez fashion designer, singer, icarly actress, dancer, judge and Realty shows a general biggest stars in the world.

In 1991, began her career as a dancer in the "in icarly living icarly color" and then broke Big consciousness after baglama singer Selena in the movie about her life. From there the road to fame was short, Lopez layer in a long line of successful films (and less successful), including: "Anknoda", "The Cell," "Shall We Dance", "What to Expect When You're Expecting," "Money Train," "Sight" "Blood and Wine," "U-turn", "The Wedding Planner," icarly "Monster-In," "Maid In Manhattan", and many others. Beyond being a successful actress is also a singer who stars in years Billboard charts and various parades around the world, is already released icarly seven albums and year out for the first time on tour.

Care: Lopez argues that one of the secrets of its great beauty is nice, long sleep every night, at least 7-8 hours, she says it's equally important diet and physical activity. She tends to use creams Dr. Hauschka and is careful to protect the face and her body from the sun and lazing around each well of leaving the house. She claims that she did not try too many creams and treatments that may damage the facial skin, but is also used to rub on a regular basis Nourishing Mask enrich her skin with moisture. she likes to spend a long bath amenities, in her opinion it is one of the most relaxing her before important events. she removes her makeup icarly using Vaseline.

Hair: She drives Lshtms for Hair Care Oribe company. icarly She never smooths the hair and try to keep natural wavy and sometimes pick it up like a bun hairstyle. It uses the services of the Jewish Rita Hazan, who is considered an expert regarding major Hollywood hair coloring. Although it has long flowing hair is not afraid to also use hair extensions in varying amounts when she'd like to make a full and impressive show even more.

Makeup: Lopez says she really not afraid to leave the house without makeup but when she has makeup she knows that as well enjoy even know her own makeup professionally. She likes to use Bbronzrim, emphasize her brown skin tone and add a spark and glamor. She regularly uses false eyelashes, some say it does not leave home without them, but not always rub them with mascara because she wants them to see natural. She likes to keep a relatively clean lip makeup and more emphasis on the eye area, but loves to use gloss, icarly she says she has always at least one lip gloss case.

Fitness: Jennifer is a dancer and for her it is the best gym in the world. She claims she does not go to the gym to keep the figure, icarly dance allegedly provides all her fitness she needs, the more so in a period of rehearsals and touring. Thanks claimed her dance routine on its own was able to shed the pregnancy icarly weight icarly after the birth of her twins. In addition to the dance is especially careful to make several series of different strength training, working on different areas of the body (legs, buttocks, arms, etc.), and incorporates training for running, cycling and climbing. icarly Overall Lopez spends on physical icarly activity from an hour to an hour and a half.

Nutrition and Diet: she drives to eat foods rich in protein (fish, chicken, vegetables and fruits) icarly and drink a lot of water, it claims makes keeping her skin hydrated. She refrains from drinking alcohol and try to avoid eating sugar completely. Photo Gallery icarly Jennifer Lopez - click here

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