Monday, January 6, 2014

World Metaphoric Therapy

World Metaphoric Therapy

One the first things to realise about using World Metaphoric therapy is this-

Soul lives outside the Self.

Over the years this guidance has become one of founding principles for my counselling practice. Simply, this means that our souls are not bound up like a little ball inside our chests or heads. But in truth, our identity resides in the outside world as much as in our inner being.

This can understood more deeply as we take metaphoric understanding from the events, people and relationships in the outside world. There is a synergy between our outer and inner worlds, and in a mysterious way, we create and call in the outside world as much as we create and interpret inner experiences.

Our highly industrial world at present dominates our thinking and activities from the moment we wake up till we sleep and slip back into the deep soul places where we came from. This world view has created a kind of monster machine who devours our consciousness and from day to day demands that we focus only on materialistic productive work. This imbalance is being reflected in the outer world as natural disasters, wars, breakdown of social moral structures, dissolutions of families and healthy relationships, addictions and mental health illnesses such as depression and anxiety. A depressing litany of symptoms but each person can choose whether to feed the monster machine, or turn away and nourish their own spirituality as expressed by a practice of living in interconnectedness with all beings.

However, this practice has been obscured and lost in modern times. We need to re-learn techniques for developing this connection with our inner most wisdom being. For guidance and support we can turn to those who are more practiced in these arts.

Try This!

1)Each morning from now until spring equinox, go outside for a few moments before you start the day. Stand for a few moments and notice what the world is bringing to you that day.

2)Bring your awareness to the first thing that you notice. That is a message from your outer soul to your inner self."This morning I notice the sound of wind chimes especially one that rarely rings because there is a northerly breeze."

3)Now follow the message back to yourself. "The wind chimes mean expression. I am expressing something that is always there but is rarely heard. North is the place of mediation and reflection"

4)Rest for a moment in a state of joy and openness. Now let that message be guidance for the rest of the day. "Today I will write in my blog about World Metaphoric Therapy."

Photo credits Cecelia Webber. Check out her web site for more human body art images.
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