Monday, January 13, 2014

Look Before You Leap: Similarities between Victor Frankenstein and Albert Einstein

Look Before You Leap Frankenstein is not a literary island, isolated and alone. It is committed to a great military m any literary works by some public themes. One such theme is the base of experiment. Mythology in occurrence and history in general, has shown us that the dependable to experiment comes with an equal responsibility to stop and think or so what we be doing before we do it. Time and time once once more we excite heard the story of Frankenstein. Equally well see out is that of brain and his search for the secrets of the atom. Both of these show that reckless experimentation without adequate research can prove deadly attributable to unforeseen results. Victor Frankenstein provides an excellent example of how not to make decisions. This man ran headstrong into every decision he had to make, without at any point stopping to think about what he was doing. He shows us his lack of regard toward the responsibility he understandably had as the creator of the mons ter. His greatest mis disengage is when he doesnt take the time to consider the results of his actions before the initial creation. He because exacerbates his error by abandoning his creation, like the teenage mother who, upon discovering her unfitness to care for her child, leaves it to fend for itself. Had Victor taken the time to study his actions, he surely would hurt not created his monster, and he, William, Elizabeth and the embossment of his family would have lived in peace.

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