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PoP! Top 6-Pack: Reasons to be Excited for the WWE Network

The PoP! Stars narrow it down to the cream of the crop in categories ranging from (but not limited to) Comics, Movies, Toys and Geek Culture in general. This is the PoP! Top 6-Pack.

After years of tease and speculation, the long-fabled WWE NETWORK is almost upon us, and unlike WWE's recent history of bland announcements and disappointing swerves, the WWE Network concept has energized the entire wrasslin' landscape. Not only is the WWE Network poised to revolutionize the sports-entertainment industry in a way we haven't seen since the , but it might change home entertainment consumption as we know it! PoP!-Star JASON KNIZE marks out over the 6 reasons we should be stoked for the WWE Network.

Back in 2011 (!!!!) when we were first treated to , most of us assumed that it would be a premium cable/satellite subscription along the lines of HBO, SHOWTIME, or even NFL SUNDAY TICKET, and there was no telling how much us marks were going to have to shell out on a monthly basis. When commenced last Wednesday, right out of the gate, the $9.99 monthly price-point was showcased. That's all you had to say, WWE. That's as good, if not better, than WWE's previous cable/satellite offerings with WWE CLASSICS ON DEMAND, which had only a limited array of programming to choose from. What you're saying, WWE, is I'll have unlimited access to your network for the same cost as my monthly subscription? That's too good to be true. This deal can't possibly get any better

WHAT!? Included with the monthly $9.99 subscription service is EVERY LIVE WWE PAY-PER VIEW!? Ordering X alone on most cable/satellite providers is between $49.95 and $64.95 for High Definition. Considering the WWE Network's 6-month commitment, you're already saving money if you only order Wrestlemania every year. That's twelve Pay-Per-View events a year included in the $9.99 a month price-tag, for a value of over $500. That's an insane deal that has even casual WWE fans frothing at the mouth.

Not only are you getting every WWE PPV for your $9.99 subscription, but you'll be getting everything else the WWE Network has to offer, which will include archived PPV events, classic episodes of RAW and SMACKDOWN, WWE's vast collection of home video productions, and presumably the entire tape libraries of WCW, ECW, AWA and WCCW. The Network is set to launch with over 1500 hours of wrestling goodness available at your fingertips. Better clear your schedule.

For years, the only way to watch classic wrestling programming outside of WWE-sanctioned home video offerings was via old beat-up VHS bootlegs or terrible YouTube uploads. Thanks to the advent of the WWE Network, we will be able to gorge on some of the most obscure and specific sports-entertainment from the past 50+ years in full, High Definition. Finally, we'll be able to freeze frame that brief shot of a young making jerks of themselves in the crowd of WCW THUNDER from the year 2000.

We've got the twelve PPV's a year included, all of the great WWE-owned backlog, and interesting new original programming set to premiere on the WWE Network. Not only will the WWE Network be streaming this content live, 24/7, but as a wrestling fan, you'll be able to pull up any of these offerings On Demand any time after they originally air. This includes Wrestlemania XXX, , , and even new episodes of RAW, , Smackdown and TOTAL DIVAS! And because you're not tethered to your cable or satellite provider, you can watch anytime, anywhere on ANY device, including desktops, laptops, IOS, ANDOID, PLAYSTATION and XBOX.

When the WWE top brass threw around the word "unedited" with the announcement of the WWE Network, we all got a little tingle in our pants but we've gotta consider that's not 100% true. We're not going to hear ROB ZOMBIE's "Never Gonna Stop" as early 2000 s EDGE comes down to the ring, or METALLICA's "Enter Sandman" accompanying SANDMAN on old archives of ECW. It's doubtful that we'll get on classic episodes of RAW. What it likely means, however, is not only has the WWE kissed any made up with the WORLD WILDLIFE FUND, and we won't have to deal with the old WWF logo being blurred or bleeped, but we'll likely see the long-since retconned WWE programming that featured a certain double-murderer whose name rhymes with Krispen Wah, albeit with a warning disclaimer preceding each airing.

That man's actions back in June of 2007 still remain an infected black eye on the entire wrestling business, however, he participated in over 15 years of WCW, ECW, and WWE programming that has been swept under the rug ever since. While it has been in the best interest of the WWE to distance themselves from that monster, those thousands of hours of content featured other performers who DIDN'T end their careers via double-murder-suicide.
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