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Top ten games I'm hyped for to be released in 2014

So it's a new year and with new systems and new games to look forward too. this year but what are the one that I'm most excited for. These are the 10 games that I'm most excited for!

10. New Yoshi Island

So the reason why I'm excited for this game is basically Super Mario World 2 is my favourite Mario game. Yeah it had baby mario who was annoying but playing as the yoshi's was really enjoyable and gave the Mario a new sense of platforming experience. Not only this but the game looked beautiful and full of colour. The reason why this game was low on this because the design looks ugly. I know graphics don't make a game but they do help. hope fully this game will be a winner though.

9. Mighty No. 9

Why I'm Hype for this game? Because Capcom is ignoring Megaman, this game is being done by the company Comcept which was Created by Keiji Inafune the main designer and co creator of Megaman. this game Is basically Megaman 11 which awesome/annoying at the same time, like it's sweet that i get to play a game that play alot like megaman but at the same time since it's not technically a megaman title and Keiji should try and make something original and different since he's trying to make a new company. It's sorta a love hate relationship, in the end this game will certainly get there feet off the ground with how fast they got people to back them on kickstarter.

8. Halo (xbox one)

Chances are the title is halo 5... honestly I'm just gonna say it's halo... it's hard not to be hype for halo... you either love the series or hate it... besides that I can't really say anything because they haven't released any gameplay footage, but I've enjoyed every other halo game. Chances are I'll enjoy this one, actually I'm probably gonna replay the other halo games.

7. The Evil Within

So this game is being developed by the company Tango which was created by Shinji Mikami who created the Resident Evil series and produced the Ace Attorney series (wow 2 cap com employees decided to start there own company) It's also being published by bethesda. So this game is going to be a horror survival game. it has a really cool design choice to it an the enemies in the game won't do the same thing every time apparently so you can't always figure out how to play by trail and error. really looking forward to this one

6. South Park and the stick of truth

I love south park, It's my favourite comedy on T.V. so yeah I'd be hype about a game about it. but it's not that it's just a game the fact is this game looks exactly like the show. It's going to be a rpg and the story is you the new kid in town and every one is pretending that your in middle earth or something along those lines. The gameplay looks good story sounds like something right off of the show. Hopefully it doesn't fall short like most video games based upon other media.

5. Watch Dogs

So this game is an Open World Action game so you go around doing missions or you can just kill any one whose in your path and run away and not complete the story much like GTA. but this game you can also hack into thing like cell phone, bank accounts, computers in order to collect information or to create obstacles in the game. I've really just started getting into more open worldgames so I'm actually pretty hyped about this one.

4.Murdered Soul Suspected

Oh man this game I haven't seen much gamplay footage but the concept is whats making me hyped right now. So the game is where you are a detective and you are murdered and you have to use your ghostly powers to solve who killed you.... what this sounds familiar? yes it sounds a lot like ghost trick but unlike ghost trick it's in 3d and you get to walk around freely, also this is more of a action game with some puzzles. So you get to fight some monsters in the afterworld.

3. Professor Layton Vs Ace Attorney

Talking about Ghost Trick the creator of that game (who also created the ace attorney series) and the creator of Professor Layton Team up to make the most awesome team up ever! Professor Layton Vs Ace Attorney combines the puzzle solving fun from the Layton series and the Courtroom Contradiction solving from the Ace Attorney series into one awesome game. Announced in 2010 to be released in japan for 2012. Western fans have been waiting sometime to hear a release date for them especially since there is no plans still for Miles Edgeworth 2 to have a release here and now chance are it won't ever come. I just beat Dual Destinies and I'm totally ready for more court room action, with some puzzles ;)

2.Smash Bros Wii U/3ds

Just like Halo I'm just excited for smash bros because well it's smash bros, and damn It' looks good. Even though I complained before that Capcom wasn't doing anything for Megaman (I still stand by that until I see a new megaman game) Megaman looks awesome in this game and I was really hyped to hear that he was in the game, then my thoughts were to bad Sonic was in the last one thought, then they said sonic was making a come back for this game and now I'm totally stoked for this version of smash bros. They announced so many other Characters for this game some new some old, maybe Snake will make a return.

1. Metal Gear Solid 5 Grounds ZeroMentioning Snake, Metal Gear solid 5 Grounds Zero is coming out this year for ps3, ps4, xbox 360, and xbox one. I love the Metal Gear series! the series focus on stealth rather than fighting and that has always been the great thing about it. Instead of attacking enemies head on, You have to get around them to complete your mission. The series also has some of the best story and visuals in video game history. So yeah I'm excited. I know Assassins creed has done the open world stealth thing, but with Kojima in the picture I'm sure this game will master it. to bad for Ps4 and Xbox one it's digital only --

So there you have it these are the games that I'm excited for. It's probably not what everyone is excited for, but it's just my opinion. What your guys opinion you agree disagree? Is there a game you think I miss and you want to express your opinion about it? leave a comment in the section below :)
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